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Welcome to Exquisite Floral   

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Come to our studio to learn about our services and peruse our collection of hand-crafted accessories for your home or purchase a floral arrangement.  We also have an assortment of professionally grown planters available as well...!!!

Everyday arrangements and wedding floral design services

Flowers bring joy and comfort to people, express our emotions and delight our senses.  At Exquisite Floral, we love living all of these moments with our customers; sharing in their experiences and being a part of their lives.

We are an online store that services the village of New Dundee, ON and the Waterloo Region.  We do have a studio which is available for consultations for custom floral arrangements and tropical/succulent planters, rearrangement (bring back your vase to be refilled with a new floral arrangement and receive a 10% discount) or re-potting services (Bring back your over-grown tropical/succulent planter and have those plants pruned and transferred to larger containers).  We would be happy to show you around or to help you with the any of the above services; just contact us to make an appointment.

In addition to creating fun and exciting wedding décor designs over at Wedding Landscapes, we are pleased to now offer, through Exquisite Floral, a wider range of floral services for our customers to enjoy throughout the year.  This is in addition to our already popular wedding floral designs from Wedding Landscapes, which will now be created through Exquisite Floral.

We love providing our customers with the latest creative designs that they can share with their loved ones, friends, or co-workers (or anyone whose day you would like to make a little brighter), which is why we are so excited about expanding our services to better serve you; our customers.

Don't forget to check out our Happy Minds Program which allows you to pre-order floral arrangements for the entire year to send to your loved ones (your partner, your mom, or anyone you choose) with 5% of sales donated to CMHA.  The Happy Minds Program gives you the peace of mind that when your life gets too hectic to go to the store to purchase flowers for your special someone (not because you forgot; you'd never do that!!!), your pre-ordered flowers will be delivered to you to surprise your special someone with.  For more information, please visit our Happy Minds Program page.

We are located just a 5 minute drive south-west of Kitchener, ON in the quiet village of New Dundee, ON.  This peaceful location allows us to serve our community, all of the Waterloo Region and Ontario.


91 Kathreen St

New Dundee, ON

N0B 2E0



Tours and consultations By appointment.  Email or call today to set one up!


91 Kathreen St New Dundee, ON N0B 2E0

To area merchants: We are also pleased to offer a brand new service to area merchants; wholesale floral arrangements.  We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the most unique floral products and are thrilled to be able to use these products to create arrangements for you to offer to your customers to enjoy.  Contact us today at 519-572-6213 or to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  You can also find more information about this program on the Floral Wholesale page.